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Modifying a Subset of Projects in Optsee®

It is often useful to modify a group or subset of projects to be able to distinguish them from the other projects in a bubble chart. But instead of doing this one project at a time, Optsee® let's you do this quickly using the Modify Selection form. In this example, we are going to select and modify the projects by Development Phase so we can easily track where they are in multiple attribute dimensions.

1. Sort the Portfolio in the Portfolio form by clicking the column header and then select (highlight) the "Phase 2" projects.

2. Click the "Modify Selection..." menu item from the "Portfolios" menu to display the Modify Selected Projects form. You can modify any project parameter (except the Project names) by using this form.

3. Click [Pattern] to enable the Pattern pop-up menu, and select a new pattern for all the selected projects.

4. Click [Modify] to save the pattern change. Return to the Portfolio form and click [All] to display all the projects. All of the modified projects now display the new pattern in the picture column.

5. By making the pattern different, you can easily track that selection of projects when you create new bubble charts. For example, in the chart below, you can easily view where the different phase projects are in relationship to “Overall Value Score,” ”Cost,” and “Profit.”

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