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About Optsee® Help

Welcome to Optsee®, the fastest and smartest way to manage and optimize your complex business decisions. The Optsee system provides you with powerful tools to quickly organize, optimize, and communicate your decisions and manage your projects and resources. You now have the most powerful portfolio decision management application available to help you manage and analyze your critical business decisions.

Optsee is easy to learn and use. The following is a summary of what you can do with Optsee. To learn more, search Optsee Help and visit the Optsee Web site at

Quantify, Visualize, and Optimize Critical Business Decisions

First, you decide what the most important attributes are by weighting them according to their relative importance. Next, you enter your projects into a portfolio. Optsee uses powerful mathematical algorithms in its decision engine to rank each project based on your input. You can then visually compare the results in up to six dimensions using Optsee's fast and easy to use charting features. You can also use sensitivity charts to determine the impact of changes in the model or projects. Next, with one mouse click, you can perform and chart complex prioritizations involving up to 100,000 different models in a Monte Carlo simulation-prioritization that will provide you with deep statistically-based insight into your project prioritiztion. Finally, you can use the Optsee Optimizer™ to easily optimize your portfolios to determine your best selection of projects against up to 100 independent constraints, plus project dependency and discretionary/non-discretionary constraints.

Easily Obtain Results

Enter and weight your attributes and then enter your projects into a portfolio, and you're done. Optsee provides an instant ranking of your projects. You can then use Optsee's easy-to-learn menu-driven forms to build and display charts, run prioritizations, and perform optimizations.

Optsee's logical "enter and go" interface and powerful charting features make it easy for you to determine your best projects, communicate them effectively to your stakeholders, and react quickly to changing business environments. The Optsee interface has been designed to minimize redundant data entry so you can get the answers you need quickly.

You can also import and export portfolios into and out of Microsoft Excel, respectively, so that you and others can enter data using Excel.

Customize and Analyze

Optsee is completely customizable. You can build thousands of portfolios and charts that manage and analyze thousands of projects. The Optsee Prioritizer™ lets you statistically analyze up to 100,000 different models with the click of a mouse. The Optsee Optimizer™ lets you check millions of possible portfolios to find optimal project selections.

Track Your Projects

The Optsee baseline functions let you snap both individual project and portfolio baselines, and track project changes over time. Custom change settings let your set alerts so you can see when your projects are moving out of their projected parameters.

Share Data and Charts with Other Programs

You can export your data (decision models and portfolios) to tab-delineated files that can be opened by popular programs such as Microsoft Excel. All Optsee charts can also be exported as .png graphics files so that they may be included in other reports.