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Backing Up and Restoring Datafiles

Data Machines, Inc. CANNOT guarantee that a corrupted or malfunctioning data file can be recovered.

You can save a complete backup of your open data file using the Back Up Data file Form. When using this form, datafiles are saved in a user-designated location with the extension "4BK" such as "DatafileName[000x].4BK

Use the Restore Data file form to restore a data file from a saved data file backup. Optsee creates a new data file, and does not overwrite your current data file.

Using the Back up and Restore system is the easiest and best way to share files with other Optsee users. Simply create the back-up file, transfer to the user that you want to share it with, and they can open it by using the "Restore From Back-Up..." menu item.

In addition, Optsee will prompt you to make a back up when you quit the application.