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Using the “Selected” Preference Parameter

The “Sel” column on the left of the Portfolio form or the checkbox in the Project form allows you to “select” and “unselect” projects. Deselected project bubbles appear in charts with an “X” drawn through them when the “Mark Unselected Projects” checkbox is checked in the chart preferences form.

You can also select and deselect subsets projects using the “Modify Selection...” menu item under the “Portfolios” menu as illustrated in the example below.

1. Sort by clicking the “Base” header, and then select (highlight) the projects with an “X” in the “Base” column.

2. Open the Modify Selection form form using the “Modify Selection...” menu item under the “Portfolios” menu.

3. Choose “Selected” from the “Attribute” popup menu and un-check the “Selected” checkbox. Click [Modify] to save the changes.

4. Click [All] at the top of the Portfolio form. Note that the highlighted projects are no longer checked in the “Sel” column.

5. Open a Bubble Chart Preferences form, and check the “Mark Unselected Projects” checkbox under the “Objects” tab.

After opening the modified chart, you can see that the unselected projects are marked with an “X” through the center of the bubble in the chart and the legend. In this example, you can see how the optimizer primarily rejected the projects in or closest to the lower right quadrant (highest cost and lowest SMART score).

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