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Opening a Datafile

Unlike document-based applications, Optsee® uses a powerful database engine to do its work for you. When you create a new Optsee® datafile, it is created in a “name.4base” directory on Windows or in a “name.4base” Package on Macs. The file that you open has a “.4dd” application extension inside the directory or package.

There is a demonstration database included in the Optsee® Demo download named “Optsee.4dd.” If it does not open automatically when you launch, you will see the following form:

1. Click [Open] and then navigate to the “Optsee.4dd” file inside the Optsee folder. Click [Create] to create a new Optsee® datafile.

2. Click on the “Optsee.4dd” file to open the demonstration datafile.

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