What Our Customers Are Saying About Bubble Chart Pro™…

Our users come from many different industries and backgrounds. Here are a few testimonials and stories in their own words about how they’re using Bubble Chart Pro™.

“Before Bubble Chart Pro it took me several hours to draw a two-dimensional Excel Scatter graph which showed the basic portfolio information I needed for our corporate executives. When I learned about Bubble Chart Pro and how easily it creates multi-dimensional diagrams I was blown away. We have been using it ever since, which is now going on three years. I create the necessary diagrams used by our “C” level executives for project portfolio prioritization in minutes rather than hours. I highly recommend Bubble Chart Pro for anyone tasked in Project Governance processing. I especially love the zoom function as it allows you to drill into crowed quadrants to see a cleaner picture. Once you start to use it, you’ll never want to display relationships any other way.”
Phil F., Administrative Director - Program Management OfficeHealth Care
“Numerous R&D projects within a small company with finite resources can be a real challenge to prioritize. Net Present Value (NPV) can be one method, however with the potentially endless parameters available within Bubble Chart Pro™ OPTIMAL, visualizing an entire portfolio from several different business perspectives is even more powerful. This unique tool has allowed our company to better allocate resources to projects that meet our management team’s objectives and “weed-out” those that don’t. And, with the flexible parameter weighting, our prioritization methods can evolve as our company grows. The minimal cost of obtaining a license has already been offset just in helping to eliminate the focus from low-value projects.”
Rich D., Project Development Manager in R&DAgrichemicals
“Great product – I struggled with producing Bubble Charts for my consulting business for years until discovering Bubble Chart Pro PLUS. When only a Bubble Chart will do to clarify a point or get a concept across, then Bubble Chart Pro PLUS is the way to go. The technical support is unbelievable rapid, during the week, at night or on weekends. I highly recommend this software and this company.”
Will W., Ph.D. MBA PartnerConsulting
“Amazing – WOW! This is exactly what our team needs to shine. Every PMO should be using this program. I can’t believe that we have spent so much time manually fussing over bubble charts so that they visually present correctly and accurately. Thank you. I’m your latest fan.”
Stephanie B., Project Portfolio ManagerEducation
“We have spent months searching for a way to visually classify and prioritize clinical activities in our medical centre. We needed to classify clinical programs on the basis of at least four different parameters and show this visually in one graphic representation. Until we discovered Bubble Chart, this was an impossible exercise. Since the acquisition of Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL we have finally been able to accomplish exactly what we wanted to do. The product is fairly easy to use and does exactly what it claims to do. I would recommend it highly.”
Lawrence R., MD, Executive DirectorHealthcare
“I use Bubble Chart Pro in my model based systems engineering (MBSE) environment to provide powerful data visualizations for program sponsors who cannot take the time to peruse the entire system architecture and model repository. The MBSE tools provide outstanding capability to develop and maintain complex integrated and executable architectures, but they typically have poor or very limited visualizations. For instance, most of them cannot adequately show “Resources” that are “captured”, “consumed”, “produced”, and “released”. Bubble Chart Pro readily shows the power consumed by a shipboard system, when it is in high power mode and low power mode, as well as the heat that is rejected in both of those modes. One Bubble Chart can visually characterize the system operation and duty cycle. I also use Bubble Chart Pro to support analysis of alternatives (AoA) studies. The optimizer saves time and money by quickly finding the best alternative. The Bayesian Team Support (BTS) tool that I use only provides textual outputs and low quality screen captures, but the importance of using such a tool for AoAs cannot be overlooked. Bubble Chart Pro and the BTS tool allow robust AoA results to be quickly assessed and published much faster than laborious pairwise comparisons of alternatives. Bubble Chart Pro allows the quantitative analysis from the BTS tool to be visualized in a beautiful, high-quality 3D bubble chart. The rigor of the systems engineering tools is retained and stands behind the bubble chart views. I use other visualizations of the MBSE repository as well, such as sankey diagrams for resource flows, mindmaps for functional and physical decomposition, etc. Bubble Chart Pro provides a unique visualization that is more powerful than other analytical tools provide.”
Jerry R., Principal EngineerDefense
It’s a good little app. It beats trying to do this in Excel with macros, etc.
Sean K., IT DirectorHealthcare
“I have used Bubble Chart Pro to display something we all experience – the content of our daily thoughts. Bubble charts of individual, recurring thoughts turn out to be useful to cognitive therapists and their patients. But, the real story I want to talk about is the extraordinary level of technical support that I received when I was first trying to develop my ‘thought diary’ application. Dozens of E-mails went back and forth until this computer novice had something interesting up and running. I remember thinking that I have to be their only customer because I got so much support.”
Glenn H., PsychiatristHealth Care
“I am a management consultant working in Sweden. I am very impressed with your product Bubble Chart Pro. I think that it is a product that have a big opportunity to become the management decision tool. The reason for that is that it is very easy to use and have a really big potential as an analyzing and decision making tool for both management and consultants.”
Olav B., Management ConsultantIndependent
“I just loaded your new version and my initial reaction is WOW!”
Brian M., Corporate ComplianceTelecommunications