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The Compare Optimizations List Form

Form Overview

This form displays a comparison list of the saved Portfolio Optimizations for the portfolio. The list is displayed by clicking on the"Optimizations" tab on the Portfolio form. The project name column is displayed on the left hand side of the form. The saved optimization results are displayed in columns. You can display up to 100 optimizations in the form by scrolling horizontally.

The Optimized Portfolios List:

This list displays the list of the saved optimization results for each project. The project name are displayed in the column on the left hand side of the form. The current column shows if a project is currently contained in the Portfolio. When you double-click on a project name, the selected project is displayed in the Project form.

Each optimization column displays the results of one optimization. The name of each optimization is at the top of each column. Clicking on a column header will automatically sort the list by that column. For example, click on the Project Name column and the projects will be listed in descending alphabetical order.

Optimization Column Symbols: These column display the status of the project in the optimization column as follows: