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Solve Your Project Prioritization Problems Are you searching for a robust and defensible way to prioritize your projects based on your business goals and strategy? The SMART project prioritization system in all Optsee® applications is a powerful easy-to-use technology specifically designed to solve that problem for you. Also, the Monte Carlo Portfolio Simulation System in Optsee® Pro can help you reduce the risks in your project portfolios.
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Fast Project Portfolio Optimization Get the most from your portfolio by optimizing it against constraints such as limited capital, risk, timing, and project dependencies. Optsee® optimizations are fast and easy to run using just drop-down menus. Plus, you can save and compare different optimized portfolios. With Optsee® Pro, you can also optimze against project dependencies, and force projects in and out of optimization results.
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Track Your Projects Against Baselines in Optsee® Pro Track your projects and portfolios progress using Optsee® Trend Trackers. You can snap project and portfolio baselines, and Optsee® Pro alerts you when a project goes "off-track." And you can use the Optsee® dashboard to compare multiple charts and quickly drill-down into your individual projects.
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Custom Charts for Powerful Presentations Optsee® lets you create dozens of different charts and reports for powerful and easily understood presentations of your project portfolio data. In particular, Optsee® Efficient Frontier charts let you compare different portfolio ideas in multiple attribute dimensions so you can select your best project portfolio.
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