See Your Project Portfolio Management in a Whole New Way With Optsee®

These charts look great and they're easy to make: All the charts on this page were created in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks. And virtually all aspects of Optsee® charts are fully customizable so you can create the look you want. You can easily set the colors and patterns for individual projects or groups of projects to distinguish them from other projects. You can also add your own background graphics to create dramatic looks with photographs, corporate logos, and textures.

Project Portfolio Bubble Chart Pictures

In 2D bubble charts, you can drag and drop bubbles around on the chart, zoom in and out, and you can add your own text and drawings. In 3D bubble charts, you can rotate the charts horizontally and vertically to explore your data in a natural interactive manner.

But Optsee® is much more than just bubble charts. It is an analytical tool that gives you unique views and analyses of your projects. With the uncertainty and risk tracking features in Optsee®, you can estimate and track the uncertainty and risk in your projects in several chart types.

The Five-Step Process: Superior Analytics For Superior Results

Optsee® uses a step-by-step process that blends modern decision science with artificial intelligence research to objectively rank and optimize your business investments based on your strategic goals and values. You'll have a system for building project portfolios and budgets that will be faster and more value-adding than ever before. And when business conditions change, you'll be able to react quickly and adjust confidently. Plus, you'll be able to clearly explain to your stakeholders the logic and process behind your decisions.

Step 1: Build your model and portfolio to rank your projects

Project Prioritization Bubble Charts

Building your portfolio is straightforward: enter your attributes (such as costs, timing, resources, etc.) to create your project ranking criteria, and then enter the corresponding attribute data for each project in the portfolio. Optsee® instantly ranks your projects based on your strategic preferences so you'll know which are your very best projects based on an objective analysis.

You manage your Optsee® data in a portfolio form that includes all your charts, so you're instantly organized. Any modifications to the data is immediately displayed in the charts. Double-clicking on a row opens the project in the project form. Query and Sort menu items let you easily perform complex queries and sorts of your project data. At the bottom of each column is a statistical summary of the data displayed in the column. And you can duplicate an entire portfolio and all the charts in just a couple clicks, so it is easy to save and modify entire portfolios.

Step 2: Prioritize your projects by business value using SMART Scores and Simulation-Prioritization (Optsee® Pro only)

Project Portfolio prioritization charts

All Optsee® applications include a SMART (Simple Multi-Attribute Ranking Technique) project prioritization system that was developed by researchers from MIT, Harvard, and the University of Southern California. This easy-to-use system allows you prioritize your projects in a way that integrates your key project data into a single value score so that it is understandable, robust, and rigorously defensible.

But instead of just ranking your projects using 1 or 2 models, you can get more robust and meaningful ranking by using the exclusive Optsee Prioritizer™ included in Optsee® Pro. With just a few clicks, you can automatically test your projects in up to 100,000 different portfolio models. In seconds, your results are displayed in charts and forms that show you a clear statistical ranking by value to your business of all your projects. And you don't need to be a statistician to understand and present your analyses - custom Optsee® charts automatically display your results in a clear and comprehensible format.

Step 3: Optimize against cost and resource constraints to select your best project set

Project Portfolio optimization charts

Selecting the right set of projects to fund when you have multiple constraints is hard. Even with as few as 30 projects there are over 1 billion combinations of projects. How do you pick the best selection? It's easy using the Optsee Optimizer™. The Optsee Optimizer™ in in Optsee® Pro includes 3 different proprietary optimizers to quickly and rigorously optimize your portfolio under multiple constraints, such as limited budgets, time, resources and project dependencies. You just select your constraints and click "Optimize". You can shift resources and costs and compare the results of different optimizations in the optimization comparison form, and you can also optimize to efficient frontiers to get the "biggest bang for your buck".

The Optsee Optimizer™ included in Optsee® Plus is designed to find optimal solutions in smaller portfolios (<35 projects), and does not include the optimization against project dependency constraints feature or the capability to "Force-In" and "Force-Out" projects from optimization results offered in Optsee® Pro.

Step 4: Compare and analyze different portfolio alternatives

Project portfolio management charts

Optsee® charts show you extremely insightful pictures of how your projects are distributed in your portfolios. Bubble and Uncertainty charts show you which projects are your best and why. Efficient frontier charts let you compare portfolios against each other and multiple efficient frontiers. Sensitivity charts help you predict the effects of changes in your projects or attribute values. In addition to bubble charts, Optsee® include a stacked-bar and tornado charting module and sensitivity testing charts so you can instantly see the distribution of attributes like ROI, costs, risks, and resources among your projects. Optsee® includes a unique project ranking chart and a system for tracking project uncertainty and risk.

Step 5: Track you projects and portfolios against baselines

project portfolio management baseline tracking charts

The Trend-Trackers in Optsee® Pro allow you to track your projects and portfolios against your saved baselines so you can closely see how your projects and portfolios are doing over time. You can "drill-down" into the trends to see at-a-glance changes at both the portfolio level as well as the individual attribute values at the project level. Colorful project change indicators allow you to define and seee major and minor changes in your projects and project portfolios.

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