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Creating and Using Portfolio Views

Portfolio views are user-saved subsets of Projects that can be easily recalled in the Portfolio form by clicking on the name of the view in the Portfolio Views List form. When the name of a view is selected, the Portfolio form and all open charts associated with that portfolio are re-drawn to reflect the Projects in that view. Each Portfolio View is assigned a color and pattern by the user using the New Portfolio View form. This color is displayed to represent the view in the Efficient Frontier Chart. This makes it easy to compare different portfolio views relative to the efficient frontiers.

1. Return to your Portfolio form and Click on [Show Views] button to toggle open the Portfolio Views list at the bottom of the form.

2. The Portfolio Views list form allows you to save individual subsets of Projects for recalling later. When you perform an optimization, the selected subset of Projects is automatically saved as a “Portfolio View” if the [Save Optimization as Portfolio View] checkbox is selected in the Optimizer Form. Note that all of the optimizations in the list below were saved as Portfolio Views.

3. Return to your portfolio form and click on “Strategic Value” header to sort the portfolio by Strategic Value, and then select the projects in the “Excellent,” “Very Good,” and “Good” categories.

4. Click the [New View] button at the bottom of the Portfolio Views Listbox to open the New Portfolio View form.

Set-up your Portfolio View parameters for viewing on Efficient Frontier Charts.

9. For Portfolios using Simulation-Prioritizations, a progress bar will display to show you the progress of the simulation.

10. When the Portfolio View is finished, only the projects contained in the View are displayed, and the new view name and statistical summary are shown in the Portfolio View listbox. When you click on a Portfolio View row only the projects selected for that view are displayed in the Portfolio form and in any open charts.

Note that only projects in the “Excellent,” “Very Good,” and “Good” categories are displayed below.

11. Double-clicking on the row or selecting the View and clicking the [Open View] button opens the portfolio view in the Saved Portfolio View form.

The Saved Portfolio View form displays SMART Score distribution for the portfolio view subset is displayed in a histogram. This can serve as a guide for estimating the probability of the actual portfolio value. In the “Median and 90% and 10%” view, the probability is 80% that the actual portfolio value is between the 10% and 90% bars. In the “Mean and Std. Deviation” view, the probability that the actual value is between +/-1 sigma is 64.2%, between +/-2 sigma is 95.4%, and between +/-3 sigma is 99.6%.

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