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Examining a Bubble Chart: First Look in Optsee®

In this view of this bubble chart, the chart area is bounded by the highest and lowest Project attribute values and divided into quadrants (X-axis and Y-axis in center). This allows you to identify the most attractive and least attractive areas. In this chart, the most attractive area is the upper left quadrant (higher SMART Scores and low cost) versus the least attractive lower right quadrant (lower SMART Scores and higher costs).

In this chart, the “best” projects are the ones with the largest “Profit” bubbles in the upper left quadrant: Project Mensa and Project Pegasus. The “worst” project (lowest overall value) is Project Perseus in the lower right quadrant.

Another way of thinking about relative attractiveness is to draw a diagonal line from the lower left corner to the upper right corner. Above the line are the bigger "bang for the buck" projects.

Note: The legend was hidden and the bubble name labels displayed by selecting those options in the Preference form.

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