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The Cumulative Percentage Chart Display Form

Form Overview

The cumulative percentage is calculated based on the number of times a project was ranked at a specific rank. Projects that were ranked higher more often have higher cumulative percentage rankings than projects not ranked higher often. Cumulative percentage thus represents the strength of a ranking.

This form displays two separate charts:

  • The Cumulative Percentage Line Chart, which graphically displays the percentage of times that a particular project was ranked at, or higher than, a specific ranking.
  • The Cumulative Percentage Bar Chart, which displays bars representing the normalized areas under the curves (AUC) of the Cumulative Percentage Line Chart.

Each of these charts is described below. You can view the Cumulative Percentage Bar chart for the portfolio by clicking on the [Cum. %] button at the top of the Simulation Summary Results Form.

The Cumulative Percentage Bar Chart

The data for the bars comes from the "Rank: Cumulative % " column in the Simulation Summary Results Form. The bars in the Bar Chart summarize the information from the Cumulative Percentage Line Chart based on calculating the area under the curve (AUC) for each project and then normalizing them relative to the project with the greatest area under the curve.

Thus, in the example above, Project Pegasus, which has the greatest area under the curve, has a normalized cumulative percent ranking of 100, and the other projects have relative values below it. For example, Project Phoenix has anormalized cumulative percent ranking of 88 and Project Hercules (last) has a normalized cumulative percent ranking of 9. Therefore, the Cumulative % Rank column of the Statistics Summary List form and the corresponding bar chart are very useful tools to rank the project projects based on cumulative percentage analyses, particularly for portfolios containing large numbers of projects.

The Cumulative Percentage Line Chart

This chart displays the cumulative percentage based on the number of times a project was ranked at a specific rank or higher during the simulation.

For example, as illustrated below, the Project Phoenix represented by the solid blue line, was ranked as follows in the simulation-prioritization:

  • Ranked at 1 in 0% (Point A)
  • Ranked at 2 in approximately 5% (Point B)
  • Ranked at 3 or higher in approximately 50% (Point C)
  • Ranked at 4 or higher in approximately 85% (Point D)
  • Ranked at 5 or higher in approximately 96% (Point E)
  • Ranked at 6 or higher in approximately 98% (Point F)
  • Ranked at 7 or higher in 100% (Point G)

The Cumulative Percentage Chart Buttons

[Blinking On/Off] button: Click this buttons to start/stop the blinking of any projects that have been set to blink in the Project form. Note: This button is invisible for Cumulative Percentage Line Charts becuase the lines do not blink.

[Modify]: Click this button to display the Ranking Chart Preferences form.

[Line Chart/Normalized] button: Use this button to toggle the chart display between the Line and Bar (Normalized) charts.

[Show/Hide Legend] button: Use this button to toggle the display of the legend on and off in the form.

[Close]: Click on this button to close the Cumulative Percentage Chart form.