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After installing and opening Optsee®, the Registration/Demonstration form (Figure 1) is displayed.

Figure 1

This form allows you to do one of the following:

Registering Optsee® Using the Internet

To register Optsee®, you must first purchase a license from Data Machines Inc. The license includes a valid registration number and name to install the Optsee® application on one machine.

To register Optsee®, click [Use] on the Registration/Demonstration form. The license agreement form will appear. Please read this agreement and click [Accept] if you agree to the terms of the agreement or click [Decline] to quit.

After clicking [Acceptt], the Registration form is displayed (Figure 2).

Figure 2:

To register your application you must enter your name and registration number EXACTLY as provided. Your company name is optional. When you complete the form, the application will determine if the name and registration number has been entered correctly. If they have not been entered correctly, you will get an Alert (Figure 3) prompting you to check and correct your form entries:

Figure 3:

If the data has been entered correctly, you will see the following form (Figure 4) as your registration will be checked in our Databases. Only registration information, date, and a registration signature code will be checked on our servers. NO OTHER INFORMATION IS SENT. The registration signature code is a unique indentifier for your registration and is required to prevent the application from being installed on more than one machine.

Figure 4:

If the registration information is complete and correct, the Checking Registration form will disappear and the application will launch.

If the information is incorrect or not complete, an Optsee® Not Properly Registered form will be displayed such as (Figure 5):

Figure 5:

This may be displayed if the number of licenses assigned to the sofware key has already been used or if the license is expired.

Clicking [OK] will return you to the Registration/Demonstration form.

Demonstration Mode

The demonstration mode is designed to allow you to evaluate Optsee®, but has the following features disabled:

  • Charts are displayed, printed, and exported with a "Demonstration Version" watermark across the chart area.
  • No more than 10 Projects can be added to a single Portfolio.