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Adding Attributes

The columns in a portfolio form display the attribute data for the projects. The names of the attributes are located in the 1st row of the portfolio form. You can have up to 100 attributes (100 columns). The 100 columns are displayed in every portfolio form, however, you modify an attribute when you name the column and check the [Enable for Charts and Baselines] check box.

To add or modify an attribute column, simply click on the 1st row of the portfolio form to open the Modify Attribute form. Enter the name for the attribute in the field provided and click save to save the attribute name. The attribute name will now appear in the first row of the column that you selected.

Be sure to check the [Enable for Charts and Baselines] check box if you want to use that attributes in charts and baselines. Unchecking this box prevents the attribute from appearing in pop-up menus (so you dont have 100 potential attributes displayed!).

The SMART scores for each Project are displayed in a “SMART Score” column in that Portfolio form. When you change and save a Project’s data or an attribute’s weight, the new value scores for each Project are displayed immediately. Of course, you can also plot these values scores in your bubble charts, which allows you to see the correlations between the value scores and different attributes.

Using the prioritization engine built-in to Optsee® is a very powerful way to score, compare, and evaluate your Projects.