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The Simulation Summary Results Form

Form Overview

This form is displayed when you click on the "Simulation Results" tab of the Portfolios form. This tab is only visible if the portfolio was prioritized using Simulation-Prioritization.

This form displays all the statistical results of a simulation-prioritization in a list form. This form displays the Project Name and Median Rank, Mean Rank, Highest Rank, Lowest Rank, Cumulative Percentage Rank, Median SMART Score, Mean SMART Score, and SMART Score Standard Deviation. If the prioritization has been performed using a weight bias, the number of attributes used and the average bias achieved in the prioritization is displayed.

The Cumulative Percentage Rank value represents the normalized area under the individual project cumulative percentage rank curve (see the Cumulative Percentage Chart form for a detailed description of these values). The top of the form displays the prioritization model, portfolio, and Number of Tests used in the prioritization.

Column Active Headers:

Clicking on the column header will automatically sort the projects by that column.

Exporting and Printing The List:

You can export the Summary Results List in the form of a tab-delineated file on your disk that can be opened with spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft® Excel by selecting the "Export..." menu item in the File menu. This will open a form window that will let you name and save the ASCII file.

You can print the Summary Results List by selecting the "Print..." menu item in the File menu.

The Simulation Summary Results Form Buttons:

[New] button: Click on this button to open the New Ranking Chart Form.

[Cum.%] button:Click on this button to open the Cumulative Percentage Chart. The Cumulative Percentage Chart displays the percentage of times a project was ranked at a particular ranking in the prioritization test.

[Distrib. Chart] button: Click on this button to open the Distributions List form. The Distributions List forms displays thumbnail pictures of the Distribution Detail charts for each project.

[Close] button: Click on this button to close the form.