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Printing and Exporting Portfolios in Optsee®

Printing: Portfolios are printed by opening a portfolio in the Portfolio Data form and selecting the “Print...” menu item from the “File” menu or using the control-p (Windows) or command-p (Mac) key combinations. Before you print, you will be asked to select how many columns of data that you want to print. (This avoids printing pages of empty columns.) You can print 3 attribute columns on the first page and 7 each on the remaining pages.

Exporting: Portfolio data can be exported to tab-delimited text files that can be opened by most popular spreadsheet applications. To export a portfolio, open the portfolio and select the “Export...” menu item from the “File” menu or use the control-e ( Windows) or command-e (Mac) key combinations. Note that the color/pattern (“Pic.”) Column is not exported and the checkmarks in the columns are exported as asterisks (“*”).