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Add Drawings and Annotations to Your Charts in Optsee®

You can use the drawing toolbar to add notes and to draw on your charts. If the toolbar isn't already open, it opens automatically whenever you open a chart.

1. Click on a drawing tool to activate it.

2. Click and hold down the mouse at to begin the drawing, and then release the mouse to complete it\..

Drawn objects and text can be resized and moved around the chart. Click and hold the mouse on an object and a frame with handles will appear. You can then expand or contract the object using the handles, or move it by clicking on it and dragging the mouse while holding the button down. Clicking outside the frame releases the object.

3. To add text, select the text box button on the tool bar, and then hold the mouse down and drag the cursor slightly where you want the text to begin. This will open a form for you to enter and format your text. Click [Save] to add the text to the chart area.

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