We have a lot going on…

We’ve moved! Our new offices are at 12 Penns Way in New Castle, Delaware 19720. We’ve joined the Emerging Enterprise Center (EEC) sponsored by the New Castle County Delaware Chamber of Commerce. The EEC is a business incubator for emerging companies that have been identified as having high growth potential. Even though Data Machines, Inc. is ten years old, we were selected as one of the companies in recognition of the growth of Optsee® as a desktop application and to support the launch of our Optsee® CS enterprise client-server project portfolio management application.

Optsee client-server screenshotSpeaking of our client-server version, Optsee® CS is in “Master Candidate” stage and we’re looking to start shipping in September. In addition to the great analytics already included in Optsee® desktop, Optsee® CS will include a bunch of new features including simultaneous simulation-optimization on the whole portfolio. What this means is that you will be able to see the best case, worst case, and most-likely outcomes for your entire project portfolio based on thousands of tests, including the associated distribution. And it will continue to reflect our commitment to providing our customers with the great analytics in an easy-to-use application.

In addition to the new features, current users of Optsee® 2.0 desktop will see a significant speed increase after upgrading to Optsee® 2.1. The underlying database engine has been completely re-written by 4D, and the new engine has now been successfully rolled-out in thousands of applications around the world. Optsee® CS can also be customized to use SQL databases for integration with current enterprise Bonnie, the original Data Machines Dogdatabases. The update to Optsee® 2.1 desktop will be free to all our current customers.

Finally, when I started Data Machines 10 years ago, I had a companion with me at all times. Her name was Bonnie, and she was a sweet West Highland White Terrier who liked to park herself under my desk while I worked. She also liked to nudge my leg to remind me that life wasn’t all about work; and that it was also important to scratch somebody behind the ears more than occasionally. Sadly, Bonnie died quietly several weeks ago. I miss her.