The Project Portfolio Dashboard Lets You Easily Analyze Your Portfolios

The Optsee® Project Portfolio Dashboard is the place to go when you want to analyze your projects and project portfolios in a single window.

The Project Portfolio Dashboard displays two or three large charts at the top of the form, and you can switch charts easily using the popup menus below each chart. This lets you quickly analyze and compare different data views. You can also modify the chart or open it in a larger separate window.

The Portfolio area displays all of your projects in the Project Portfolio Dashboard. You can open, add, and modify individual projects directly in the dashboard. Plus, you can sort, query, and examine subsets of projects here. When you create a subset of projects by highlighting, querying, or optimizing, only the projects displayed in the project portfolio are displayed in the charts, so this is an easy way to compare different scenarios and combinations of projects in your project portfolio charts.

When you click on a single project, the metrics of that project are displayed in the pie chart on the right of the project portfolio list, which is another graphical way to see individual project metrics.

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